Online Master of Science in Applied Data Science

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What Is Applied Data Science?

Developed by the School of Information Studies in conjunction with the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, the online MS in Applied Data Science program draws insights from both the field of information studies and the field of management to help students effectively apply analytical concepts to gain insight from data.

"Applied Data Science is the holistic view of how organizations turn data into actionable insight in domains ranging from sales and marketing to customer insight and supply chain management. It includes the full life cycle of the data science process ranging from how to obtain, clean, and store data to leveraging machine learning and visualization to gain actionable insight of that data."

- Jeffrey Saltz, Faculty lead for the Applied Data Science Program

Why Earn a Master’s in Applied Data Science?

Ranked as Glassdoor’s #3 job3, data scientists are critical to the success of any organization. As the data science field evolves, the demand for analytics skills continues to grow. Employers are actively seeking candidates with the advanced technical expertise to make data-driven decisions.

Where We Stand

#19 In Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs1

#11 In Best Online Graduate Information Technology Programs for Veterans2

Data Science Careers

IBM, a giant in the technology industry, has predicted that demand for data scientists will increase 28 percent by 2020.4 This kind of demand is enticing for students looking to earn their master’s in data science and may also be pursuing a variety of careers, including:

  • Data engineer
  • Data architect
  • Database administrator
  • Statistical programmer
  • Data analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst

average annual salary for data scientists and advanced analysts4

Take the Next Step

Earn your MS in Applied Data Science online and be prepared for the next big thing in tech.

Curriculum and Learning Outcomes

The online MS in Applied Data Science takes an interdisciplinary approach to ensure graduates emerge fully prepared to succeed as data science professionals.

Successful students in the MS in Applied Data Science program will be able to:

  • Collect and organize data
  • Identify patterns in data via visualization, statistical analysis, and data mining
  • Implement various business decisions based on data
  • Develop alternative strategies based on the data
  • Communicate data findings with managers, IT professionals, and other relevant professionals in their organization
  • Recognize the ethical dimensions and privacy concerns of data science practice

To learn more about the curriculum, visit our course catalog page.

36 total credits

18 core credits

12 to 15 electives credits

3 to 6 credits analytical application courses

A Data Science Education with Business Applications

The MS in Applied Data Science interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on four key learning competencies: capture and organization, technical analysis, visualization and communication, and practical application. Each competency gives students an opportunity to develop a portfolio of resources and demonstrations while growing their specialization in one or more areas of interest.

Offered in collaboration with the Martin J. Whitman School of Management, the program gives students the opportunity to take analytical business application courses, such as Financial Analytics and Principles of Management Science, allowing them to learn how to apply practical data science techniques to solve complex business problems related to big data and data analytics.

Learning Outcomes

The online MS in Applied Data Science program prepares students to use applications of data science so they can effectively collect, organize, and manage data, as well as master data visualization tools to communicate results in a wide range of business situations.

Courses foster collaboration, problem-solving, and analysis with diverse professionals. As a result, students will learn practical analytical and technical skills to make data-driven decisions using data capture, management, analysis, and communication.

Learn from an interdisciplinary curriculum with real-world applications.

Admissions Overview

Since day one, the School of Information Studies (iSchool) has been committed to supporting students who are eager to learn about technology and its wide range of applications. Seeking students who are passionate about harnessing the power of information, our admissions team reviews and carefully considers each application, determining who could best contribute their knowledge and experiences to the iSchool community. Review the application requirements.

Upcoming deadlines

Syracuse offers four cohort start dates each year. See the application deadlines for our upcoming cohorts:

January 2021 final cohort deadline: November 13, 2020

Unmatched Online Learning at the Syracuse iSchool

iSchool online students are fully immersed in the Syracuse community, with access to the same resources and services as on-campus students. Using advanced technology, the iSchool@Syracuse ensures the main focuses of your experience remain on learning and forming connections.

As an online student in the MS in Applied Data Science program, you’ll experience:

Live, online class sessions each week

A virtual campus that allows you to establish connections, track coursework, find social groups, and more

Engaging coursework from world-class faculty