Student Spotlight: Felix Hernandez

Name: Felix Hernandez
ProgramMS in Information Management  
Expected graduation year: 2018   
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Tell us a bit about yourself.

 I am a native New Yorker (now converted southerner living in Atlanta, Georgia), husband and father of two young children. Professionally, I am an information systems and business development professional who collaborates with organizational leaders in aligning strategic goals with technology. I’ve been in the information technology field for 15 years and I am recognized by my colleagues for being a calculated risk taker and a results-oriented information technology leader. 

During my free time, I am an avid boxing fan and enjoy reading about fighters of the past such as Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis.

How do you define information management?

I consider information as an organizational resource, especially in today’s world. Information is both electronic and physical, impacting every area within an organization and introducing complexities. Effective information management, is about managing the effects information has on an organization’s strategic factors, its processes, and its practices.

What is your academic background?

I earned a BS/BA in Information Systems Management from the New York Institute of Technology. In addition to my degree, I hold seven professional certifications.

What made you want to explore a career in information management?

There are a lot of opportunities for career growth in information management. As my knowledge of information systems grew, I realized the world of information management was vast in that it expanded career opportunities outside information systems. I knew formal education was the right path to advance my career.

How are you applying what you are learning in your program?

This program has become a valuable resource for me. I’ve taken project management, system analysis, database concepts/administration and information security classes. All the courses enabled me to approach daily challenges with a new mindset. The course deliverables of producing project management plans, feasibility reports, database designs, front end software prototypes and cryptanalysis reports are all based on real-world tasks. Through my courses, I have been able to provide immediate value to the organizations I work with by resolving complex problems.

What do you plan to do after you graduate with your master’s in information management?

Once completed, this degree will have the Syracuse name behind it. Syracuse University is a globally recognized institution. Many notable and accomplished individuals have solidified the information management degree. I plan to continue that tradition by applying the lessons learned throughout my tenure to effectively assist organizations in meeting their strategic goals.

How will this degree move you closer to your long-term career goals?

My long-term goal is to have a lasting impact on organizations. Another long-term goal of mine is to obtain the title of chief information officer. This degree is going to offer me many opportunities and will allow me to move closer to my goals

Tell us about your experience collaborating with classmates in an online environment.

The online environment is great and fully interactive. One of the best features is the weekly face-to-face meeting with classmates and professors. Classmates are joining class sessions globally. The environment has allowed us to collaborate more effectively.  

What advice do you have for others considering this degree?

The iSchool has been great to me. I highly recommend anyone considering this degree to give the iSchool the opportunity to assist you in obtaining it. The school uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver its courses and is globally recognized as the best school to learn about information. They have great staff and knowledgeable professors who truly care about your success.