IST 663: Motivating 21st-Century Learning

This course focuses on the instructional design and teaching role of the librarian with specific emphasis on the pre-K to 12th-grade educational context—although the concepts, principles, and skills are applicable for learners from toddlers to senior citizens. Students will explore the motivation, learning theory, inquiry, assessment, lesson planning, and teaching techniques essential to learner success. Assignments are designed to give students authentic experiences in both lesson design and implementation.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Apply visioning, entrepreneurship, advocacy, planning, and management to leadership positions.
  • Manage information resources and the information life cycle through prescribed processes and dissemination.
  • Apply appropriate pedagogical and learning theory principles in the design, development, implementation, and assessment of library instruction and learning.
  • Design and employ policies essential for creating and providing information services and resources.
  • Enhance skills in respecting, engaging, and collaborating with a diverse community.
  • Perform and assess research-based practices through the application of information literacy, inquiry, and research methods.

Tools and Concepts:

  • Inquiry-based learning experiences
  • Facilitating student motivation
  • National and state standards
  • Cross-curriculum instruction
  • Instructional leadership and collaboration

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