IST 769: Advanced Database Management

This course provides an in-depth analysis of database management system architecture, building complex objects and applications using database forms and reports. Students learn about data warehousing, establishing and implementing database security, and tuning databases for optimum performance. Upon completion of this course, students will achieve a deep technical knowledge and comprehension of database management systems, management of solution development and management of information technology. Oracle 10g and Developer Suite 10g will be used for assignments, lab exercises and course projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Achieve deep technical knowledge of database management systems
  • Develop the ability to solve information problems at the individual and organizational levels
  • Comprehend the disciplines used in the development of information system solutions
  • Apply these disciplines to the solution of organizational and business problems
  • Integrate the technical and solution development concepts with the principles of IT governance, strategic alignment, user behavior and financial analysis
  • Apply these concepts to the analysis of complex management case studies and problems
  • Analyze, compare, evaluate and clearly articulate the relative value of IT alternatives

Tools & Concepts:

  • Oracle 10g / Developer Suite 10g
  • Database management system architecture
  • Database security and optimization
  • Data storage on electromagnetic devices
  • Building applications using forms and reports
  • Building objects: abstract data types, functions, procedures, sequences, triggers and views

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