IST 611: Information Technologies in Educational Organizations

In this interdisciplinary survey course, students will study issues related to information technologies used in educational settings, gaining experience with various technologies relevant to educational contexts. Emphasis is balanced between knowledge regarding information technologies and appropriate use of these technologies for achieving pedagogical goals in a range of settings. Students will be introduced to a variety of technologies used in education and training, as well as opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of technological impact on information services and instruction for diverse learning audiences.
  • Increase competence in using a number of existing and emerging technologies for educational use.
  • Generate teaching ideas for promoting digital citizenship, social responsibility, and Internet safety.
  • Ability to discuss specific legislation and its effect on school libraries and librarians.

Tools and Concepts:

  • Information and communications technologies
  • Ethical issues
  • Knowledge management tools
  • Collaborative learning technologies
  • Education databases
  • On-site project fieldwork

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