IST 618: Information Policy

Students gain an overview understanding of public policy issues that affect the information, library, and telecommunication sectors. These include privacy and security, intellectual property, freedom of expression, communications access, and public sector information. Students learn to apply economic, legal, and political science concepts to policy analysis. The foundation of this course is an integrated understanding of information industry policy. The course is interdisciplinary and covers subjects in the fields of management, economics, political science, and law. Students will use theory and examples from different academic and practitioner sources that present explanations of the problems that are discussed throughout the course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply key concepts from economics, law, and political science to the analysis of communication and information policy issues, and understand how different schools of thought approach those issues.
  • Recognize the reasons, circumstances, and factors that lead to government intervention.
  • Advocate for and implement sensible and ethical information and technology policy in organizational and other settings.
  • Identify information policy concerns, assess, and make recommendations.
  • Locate, select, use, and evaluate sources of policy-related information.

Tools and Concepts:

  • Analyze and critique public policy issues
  • Discern and research information policy issues

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