IST 618: Information Policy

Throughout the course, students will explore public policy issues that affect the information, library, and telecommunication sectors. Discussion also will include the application of economic, legal, and political sciences concepts to policy analysis. This course will widen students’ views of information and communication technologies (ICTs) by adding a new perspective based on the societal and policy factors that influence decisions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze and critique basic public policy issues of the digital economy.
  • Apply key concepts from economics, law, and political science.
  • Recognize the reasons, circumstances, and factors leading to government intervention.
  • Discern and research emerging information policy issues and effects on organizations.
  • Advocate for and implement sensible and ethical information and technology policy. 

Tools and Concepts:

  • Intellectual property
  • Economic regulation
  • Access and affordability
  • Privacy and security
  • Public-sector information policy
  • Internet governance
  • Sources policy-related information

Watch the Information Management and Technology Course Overview.

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