IST 623: Introduction to Information Security

This course is intended to teach fundamental elements in information security and introduce the key areas of security challenges, countermeasures, and applications. The course will focus on a comprehensive understanding of information security rather than an in-depth analysis of a particular area. Topics include security properties, vulnerabilities, cryptography, public key infrastructure (PKI), security policies, authentication, access control, security protocols, network security, cyber attacks, and security management. Students will also have research opportunities and hands-on experiences in information security. Students who successfully complete this course have a comprehensive overview of information security with some hands-on experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the fundamental elements in information security.
  • Obtain in-depth security knowledge and skills in the research areas selected.
  • Demonstrate the hands-on ability to analyze security properties using various security services and tools.
  • Develop expertise in a specific area of information security in further study, extending the contents learned from the course.

Tools and Concepts:

  • Security policies
  • Security models (access control models, BLP rules, RBAC concepts)
  • Secret and public key cryptography
  • Internet security protocols (SSL/TLS, IP tunneling, IPsec)
  • Security in wireless networks
  • Firewalls

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