IST 668: Literacy Through School Libraries

This course focuses on the role that librarians play in the development of literacy in children and young adults. Literacy is defined broadly to encompass all types of literacy, including visual, media, information, digital, and technological. Students will learn skills to aid young learners in developing the motivation and skills to confront the unique challenges posed by various formats of literacy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define literacy as a product of motivation and making meaning.
  • Develop literacy lessons to teach crucial skills for making meaning from text.
  • Develop library programs, services, and instruction to foster the specialized critical thinking skills necessary for different types of literacy.
  • Considering individual student needs when planning literacy activities and instruction.
  • Plan strategies to empower students’ voices.
  • Develop a plan for school-wide literacy integration. 

Tools and Concepts:

  • Ecosystem of literacy
  • Transactional reading
  • Academic vs. independent reading
  • Role of teachers of literacy
  • Literary lesson template
  • Importance of visual literacy

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