IST 616: Information Resources: Organization and Access

This course is an introductory survey of principles, techniques, and standards used in information systems to represent and organize information, especially those implemented in libraries and information centers. Students will explore the fundamental concepts of theory and practice in information organization, storage, and retrieval, including an introduction to existing systems and standards. Topics are covered at the introductory level with the expectation that students wishing to pursue any specific areas will assume further coursework.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how organized information affects information search and retrieval.
  • Organize and describe the concepts, principles, standards, and technologies of information organization.
  • Understand the nature of information-based problems and how information systems address these problems.
  • Analyze and interpret the human aspects and trends in information organization.

Tools and Concepts:

  • Basic description of information resources
  • Standards for bibliographic/metadata data encoding
  • Knowledge organization structures (LCSH, LCC, and Dewey)
  • Indexing and classifying information
  • Characteristics of presently available systems

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