IST 613: Library Planning, Marketing, and Assessment

This course is a user-focused approach to planning, marketing and assessing activities that support core library functions, including collection development, systems and public services. Students will focus on how libraries create and deliver value to users and stakeholders, as well as the institutions, organizations or communities of which they are a part. To provide an effective return on investment, librarians must determine the degree to which their services, expertise and resources contribute to the ability of their institutions, organizations or communities to meet their missions and fulfill their purposes.

This course requires you to work in close collaboration with an approved partner library and librarian. You may select any type of library—school, public, academic, special—providing there is at least one certified librarian who agrees to work with you. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply leadership skills and attitudes of visioning, entrepreneurship, advocacy, planning and management.
  • Possess the skills to respect, engage and collaborate with a diverse community.
  • Perform and assess research-based practices that information literacy, inquiry and research methods.

Tools and Concepts:

  • Communication and collaboration
  • Purpose and mission of library communities
  • Assessment of existing library services
  • Increasing value of library services
  • Creation of supporting literature reviews
  • Project management processes, tools and strategies
  • Communication/marketing messages
  • Assessment questions, methods and analysis strategies

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