Curriculum and Courses

The online MS in Applied Data Science curriculum is 36 credits and can be completed in 18 months. Successful students in the Master’s in Applied Data Science program will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Describe a broad overview of the major practice areas in this science
  2. Collect and organize data
  3. Identify patterns in data via visualization, statistical analysis and data mining
  4. Develop alternative strategies based on the data
  5. Develop a plan of action to implement the business decisions derived from the analyses
  6. Demonstrate communication skills regarding data and its analysis for managers, IT professionals, programmers, statisticians and other relevant professionals in their organization
  7. Synthesize the ethical dimensions of data science practice (e.g., privacy)

Designed to provide students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the curriculum is structured as follows:

Common Core Courses – 18 units

Common core courses build foundational knowledge and skills in preparation for more advanced data application and techniques.

Analytics Application Core Courses – 3 to 6 units

Analytics application core courses provide students with an opportunity to choose one or two specializations so they can develop their preferred area of expertise. Students will learn to apply practical data science techniques to solve complex problems and pull insights from data.

Electives – 12 to 15 units

Elective coursework allows students to develop advanced skills in another area of interest or within their specialization.

Exit Requirement - Portfolio Milestone

Students choose specific projects throughout the program that best showcase their particular skills. Completed projects are included in the final portfolio and submitted to a panel of faculty for review in students’ final term.

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